Fernblock® Technology
  • Fernblock® has been scientifically demonstrated to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation. It is effective both topically and orally.

  • Fernblock® Technology was developed by IFC Group in collaboration with a group of leading experts in dermatology and photobiology at Harvard Medical School. It is based on a natural extract from Polypodium leucotomos, a tropical Central American fern which evolved from an acquatic to land plant, developing strong protective and repair mechanisms against UV radiation.

  • Fernblock® contains a powerful combination of natural anti-oxidants, including ferulic, caffeic and chlorogenic acids, which help eliminate free radicals produced by sun exposure responsible for aging, hyperpigmentation and DNA damage. It has proven effective in helping reduce symptoms in people subject to sun-related allergies.

  • Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by numerous laboratory and clinical trials featured in leading international scientific and medical journals.